Customer feedback

What follows is a selection of the feedback of delegates, coachees and clients regarding training programmes, consultancy and coaching provided by Vector International:


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“I actually liked the online training much better than I expected. I dreaded looking at a screen from 9 to 4, but the time flew by. I thought it was great how the trainer managed to create online interaction with a group of 12 participants. It was not a passive session, I had really good contact with the trainer and the other participants. Very educational!”

“The trainer has a lot of experience and knowledge. Adequately focused on our daily practice.”

“The trainer speaks our language. Many areas of recognition. There’s lots to do!”

“Sometimes, a relative outsider can get more done than we can ourselves!”

“Relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during the training. Enjoyable.”

“Vector really joins you in considering your situation. A no-nonsense approach.”

“Confrontational at times, but always to the point. Very useful!”

“Pleasant, useful and educational training programme. Keep up the good work!”

“Not an easy group. Handled sensitive moments well.”

“The trainer ensured good contact within and with the group. The material was delivered with a sense of humour!”

“Very recognisable. Partly freshening up our existing knowledge, but we most certainly also received tangible points of action to boost our future development.”

“Conscientious preparation, pleasant contact, useful advice. Professional!”

“One large consciousness-raising event. A wake-up call”

“Enthusiastic, committed trainer.”

“Topics supplemented with good, clear examples from practice. A mirror!”

“Down-to-earth trainer. Understands that everyday professional realities can sometimes be ‘unruly’. Does not tell fairytales.”

“Got to know each other and the management team for the first time. Stimulated cooperation.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t very motivated at the start, but after having completed the course, I’m enthusiastic about what we can improve. Thank you!”

“Positive point that the trainer knew the names of all participants. It made the experience so much more personal.”

“It wasn’t easy, but I am convinced now that I have to do something with this information!”

“Learned so much. Plenty of space for your own input. Good explanation of unclear areas. Thank you!”

“There wasn’t always space for longer discussions. The trainer was flexible though.”

“Pleasant that we had the opportunity to learn from one another.”

“Professional and pleasant trainer. Ensured structure. Clear. Practice-oriented and up to date with what is currently happening in our industry.”

“Through this coaching, I understand what can (and must) be done differently. Thank you!”

“At last a training that is immediately applicable in practice!”

“As an advisor, you certainly didn’t go easy on us and our organisation! Sometimes challenging, but we definitely needed it!”

“The trainer takes the various level differences in the group into consideration well.”

“Educational! I most definitely view our daily practice and my own role in it from a different perspective now!”

“I want to thank the trainer for his considerable involvement.”

“I wish colleagues in other departments would also take part in this training programme!”

“Fun and interactive training programme. Keeps you involved.”

“Thorough consultant with his eye on the ball. Asked a lot from us. Now we understand that this approach was necessary to convince us of the fact that things can be done differently, and how they can be done differently. “

“Good location and trainer. Areas of improvement landed well. A job well done!”

“Interesting training. I look forward to the support during the implementation phase.”

“Constructively critical trainer. Stimulates acceptance and motivation.”

“The days were sometimes long, but the trainer keeps you active and committed. A lot of variety in terms of assignments, exercises, presentations, video fragments. Lots of interaction. Inspiring!”

“Exercises were pleasant breaks. Diverse.”

“Appropriate pace. Fast when necessary, but slow if required. Perfect.”

“The trainer presented the topics in a sufficiently practice-oriented manner. Highly applicable. It’s up to us now!”

“The trainer lowered the threshold to learn about what others are doing. And a WhatsApp group really helps with that. Great idea!”

“Quite an investment, but we are already reaping the rewards of the implemented change process. So the investment was worth it.”