Teamwork: Vector TeamEffect©

This programme focuses on the improvement of cooperation within a professional team. We can deliver this training both at external locations and in-company.

Target audience
Team members at any level in the organisation.

Each team is made up of individuals with their own personalities and their own cultural backgrounds. Knowledge and skills can also differ considerably within a team. These differences can make the team competent and effective, but sometimes, these differences prevent the team from performing the way it should. In such instances, the Vector TeamEffect© training offers a solution.

After completing this training, participants have insight into the causes of suboptimal team performances and their own role in this. They are given tools with which they can immediately improve the cooperation within their own team.

 Internal (team-) audit
 Culture & cultural differences
 Internal Customer centricity (and external when relevant)
 Effective teamwork: 7 Key Success Factors
 Conflict management
 Personal action plan
Optional: individual coaching (e.g. via Vector WorkFit©)
 Optional: team coaching (e.g. via Vector TeamFit©)

1 module of 2 days + 1 module of 1 day (indicative).


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“Sometimes, a relative outsider can get more done than we can ourselves!”

“One large consciousness-raising event. A wake-up call”

“Thorough consultant with his eye on the ball. Asked a lot from us. Now we understand that this approach was necessary to convince us of the fact that things can be done differently, and how they can be done differently. ”