Training: our approach

Also online!

Our training programmes are always tailor-made, aimed at your needs, professional context and industry.
Because every circumstance is different and, naturally, you want to dig deeper into and achieve improvements for your specific situation. Before we create a training programme, we go back to the basics with you. Is a training course the right tool to achieve your objective(s)? Training is not a goal in itself; it’s all about the future you envision for your organisation and the specific development needs this requires.

Delivery methods and locations: always based on your needs.

We determine the content and the working methods of the training programme in accordance with your objectives and with the delegates’ needs. Case studies, exercises (in groups or individually) and practical assignments consistently form the backbone of any programme. Learning by doing! Mental and physical activities (classroom and outdoor) can be combined. Background information on topics can be provided either as hard copy, digitally, or through e-learning.

We train at almost any location and any desired time. In-company or at an inspiring external location; domestically or abroad. Would you like us to unburden you of the training programme’s entire organisation? That’s also possible!

We usually form training groups of 8 to 12 participants; large enough to learn from each other and small enough to ensure optimal interactivity. For in-company programmes, the size of the group can be determined in consultation.

We apply the Vector 3-step-flow approach© for all our training programmes.


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