Marketing Management

This comprehensive programme focuses on Marketing Management within a professional organisation. We can deliver this training both externally and in-company.

The content comprises most recent online & offline marketing insights!

Target audience
Business owners, management teams, (future) marketing managers, sales managers, product managers and any manager who desires to better understand the strategic and operational impact of the customer-organisation-positioning triangle.

After completing this training, participants have an increased understanding of and expanded skill sets regarding strategic and operational Marketing Management. They are given tools to immediately realise improvements within their own working environment.

 Marketing: Introduction
 Strategic & operational analysis (including organisational & financial aspects)
 Market segmentation & Targeting
 Marketing objectives
 Marketing strategies
 Marketing mix
 Budgeting & Planning
 Monitoring & Control
 Personal action plan
Optional: coaching (e.g. via Vector WorkFit©)
 Optional: project implementation support

4 modules of 2 days each or 8 modules of 1 day (indicative).


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“Sometimes, a relative outsider can get more done than we can ourselves!”

“One large consciousness-raising event. A wake-up call”

“Thorough consultant with his eye on the ball. Asked a lot from us. Now we understand that this approach was necessary to convince us of the fact that things can be done differently, and how they can be done differently. ”