Organisational advice: Vector ConSult©

Following a Vector QuickScan©, a Vector DealerScan©, or an analysis conducted by Vector in relation to a specific topic, the client receives a comprehensible report of our findings and proposals for concrete points of action to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the business operations.

Company visit/observation, inventorying through questionnaires, in-depth internal interviews. Context-dependent, external interviews – such as with clients, suppliers or other external stakeholders – are possible.

A clear report with specific recommendations to improve business operations based on practical findings.

Optional follow-up
In order to further assist you in the development of your organisation, this specialist service can be combined with specific Management Support services, and/or with specific Training programmes.


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“Thorough consultant with his eye on the ball. Asked a lot from us. Now we understand that this approach was necessary to convince us of the fact that things can be done differently, and how they can be done differently.“

“Quite an investment, but we are already reaping the rewards of the implemented change process. So the investment was worth it.”

“As an advisor, you certainly didn’t go easy on us and our organisation! Sometimes challenging, but we definitely needed it!”