Facilitating the implementation of change:
Vector ChangeSupport©

You have concrete ideas regarding the changes your organisation and business processes require; possibly obtained as through a Vector QuickScan©, Vector DealerScan© or via Vector ConSult©. Now, it’s time to implement those changes. Where to start? How will you deal with potential resistance? How will you effectively, efficiently and durably make change happen? Do you want to be ensured of a professional and objective procedure, in order to arrive at tangible change? Allow Vector to support your team as facilitator!

We support you/your team in the successful implementation of change projects, by means of:

  • Professional preparation
  • Structuring the implementation process
  • Structuring communication
  • Organising execution
  • Monitoring the project
  • Supervising team meetings to arrive at tangible necessary steps.

A structured change process aimed at the sustainable improvement of your company’s performance.

Optional follow-up
In order to further assist you in the development of your organisation, this specialist service can be combined with e.g. Training, Coaching or Vector Reflect©.


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“Vector really joins you in considering your situation. A no-nonsense approach.”

“Thorough consultant with his eye on the ball. Asked a lot from us. Now we understand that this approach was necessary to convince us of the fact that things can be done differently, and how they can be done differently. “ “A structured process.”

“As an advisor, you certainly didn’t go easy on us and our organisation! Sometimes challenging, but we definitely needed it!”