What we do

Whoever wants to move forward, must stay in motion and continue to learn, improve and grow. Vector supports people and organisations in their further development. Our organisational advice, coaching and training programmes are practice-oriented. We always supply customised solutions, tailored to your specific needs!

Learning is not only about conveying information. It is a constant process that mainly takes place during daily activities in the workplace. Therefore, we work according to the 70-20-10-principle for learning and development: 10% formal learning to realise a 70% learning effect in practice. We have linked the Vector 3-step-flow approach© to this principle; practice-oriented knowledge conveyance – practical assignments – projects in practice.

Our service in itself is not a magical solution. As client, delegate or coachee, you are the person who determines the eventual outcome of our cooperation by actively working with the obtained knowledge, insights and skills. Improvement is always an ongoing process!


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“At last a training that is immediately applicable in practice!”

“Very recognisable. Partly freshening up our existing knowledge, but we most certainly also received tangible points of action to boost our future development.”

“It wasn’t easy, but I am convinced now that I have to do something with this information!”


Consultancy, training and coaching are all aimed at meeting your business and development objectives. They are a departure point however; the foundation for what comes afterwards. Their effect and sustainability are largely determined by their practical context; this is where improvement must occur. Managers and employees must work together with what has been learned and agreed upon. Involvement, commitment and motivation – both on the part of the employees and their management – are conditions for achieving sustainable success.

At Vector, we advise, train and coach according to the 70-20-10 principle. This principle indicates the relationship between the different manners through which people (predominantly) learn. 

  • 70% is learned from job-related experience: by employing new working methods and solving daily problems;
  • 20% is learned from interaction with others (primarily colleagues): through coaching, feedback, meetings, best practices and project-based cooperation;
  • 10% is learned via formal education and training.

This 70-20-10 ratio is not a mathematical principle. Every situation is different, but there are considerable similarities between all development projects. Yet keep in mind, the aforementioned 10% is vital to realise the sought after 70%!

Vector 3-step-flow approach©

The 3-step-flow approach© is based on our many years of experience. There is little point in  just sending people to participate in a training or drafting an advice report. This rarely leads to the improvements one has envisioned.

This is why clients regularly ask us to become more broadly involved in the development process. They ask us to assist in the practical application of what has been learned or the implementation of the desired improvements.