Team Coaching: Vector TeamFit!©

Depending on the work context, professional experiences and the different personalities, a professional team sometimes needs support in tackling the daily challenges of dealing with each other, colleagues or higher management. This could concern such topics as communication, motivation, assertiveness, relationships, living up to agreements and the variety of personalities within the team.

The objective of Vector TeamFit!© is that the coached team can execute its function more effectively and with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Vector TeamFit!© support consists of – depending on the specified needs – observation, support and sessions in the work environment. The number and frequency of the meetings depend on the specific needs. During these meetings, the results of reflective assignments, practical assignments and experiences are discussed and supplemented with targeted feedback. The team can receive relevant background information per phase and topic of the support process.


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“To be honest, I wasn’t very motivated at the start, but now I’m enthusiastic about what we can improve. Thank you!”

“Not an easy group. Handled sensitive moments well.”

“Really got to know each other as a management team for the first time. Stimulated cooperation.”