Effective Communication: Key to Better Understanding©

This programme focuses on effective internal and external communication within a professional organisation. We can deliver this training both externally and in-company.

Target audience
Senior management, departmental management, employees and teams who desire to improve internal and/or external communication.

After completing this training, participants have an increased understanding of and expanded skill sets regarding a variety of relevant topics. They are given tools to immediately realise improvements in communication and thus collaboration within their own working environment

 Communication: Introduction
 Communication process
 Communication methods
 Communication problems
 Internal & External Customer Centricity
 Project communication
 Personal action plan
 Optional: training (e.g. via Vector TeamEffect©)
Optional: Optional: Individual coaching (e.g. via Vector WorkFit©)
 Optional: Team coaching (e.g. via Vector TeamFit©)

1 module of 2 days (indicative).


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“Got to know each other and the management team for the first time. Stimulated cooperation.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t very motivated at the start, but after having completed the course, I’m enthusiastic about what we can improve. Thank you!”

“Professional and pleasant trainer. Ensured structure. Clear. Practice-oriented and up to date with what is currently happening in our industry.”